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Innovation Is Based On Rotation 

Providing Safety For
Police, Firemen & Military Forces


Based On Rotation

Innovation is based on rotation. The force of the hit is reversed outward from the helmet while it´s parts are spinning.    The helmet can resists the power of  strange object/force like stone, brick, stick and bullet. Increasing the safety.


Patented Solution

The Miltiades Helmet innovation has been invented by inventors from A.Vipuen, Oulu  The Miltiades Helmet innovation has been patented in Finland Europe, but also with Global PTC – worldwide patent process up to 152 countries.


Can It Resist The Fifle Bullet?

At this point, before accurate ballistic test, we talk about safety generally. In time, we would like to announce that the MIltiades Helemet can resist the rifle bullet. That is the target what we are aiming for.

We Produce…
More Safety To The Head

Often the simple ideas are the best. Imagine a safety helmet which main parts can roll quickly on ultra-bearing track. The solution gives to you more safety when the grenade sharts hit the helmet. The hitting force (flying parts) are directed away and the Miltiades Helmet innovation is working as expected. 

Result: The head was not hurt. No injuries!


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