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Frequent Questions


Who are the inventors for the Helmet?

The Miltiades Helmet idea is out spoken and innovated 2017 at the Gym Sportello in Oulu Finland. The former Finnish Red Beret Sgt. Markku Tauriainen started to talk to workout friend Pertti Kettunen about new combat helmet idea. The idea with ´rolling parts´ was so crazy – out of the box idea – that we decided to have a test for it on the shooting rod. Heureka Pertti´s first prototype – “the bearing boiler” started to roll after a bullet hit. The test shooting was organized by gunsmith Joel Aholainen. 


Is the new idea patented?

The Miltiades Helmet idea has got a strong patent in Finland. The publicity day was the 15th of January 2019. The patent is registered and transferred to Oulu based startup company Mil Miltiades Oy, who has applied global patent rights to 154 countries with PCT-application. 


Who are in the startup team?

The Miltiades team is Joel Aholainen, Jukka Berg, Pertti Kettunen, Esa Pollari and Markku Tauriainen. All men ~the team~ are from Oulu Finland and members of the Inventor Club A. Vipunen.


What will be the next steps in 2019?

We have made the first visualizing prototype in Finland with the 3D printer. Very early starts for a product. Next step will be co-operation negotiate in March 2019 with MiniSv in Nanjing, China. Target is open a joint-venture company for designing and building a safety helmet product for China markets. The second following product will be military combat helmet for the same market. Global operation after products are ready and tested in action.